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Extensa offers a large collection of more than 190 models of cast iron lamp post and victorian lamp post. The cast iron lamp post height ranges from 70 cm to 345 cm. Click the button below to visit our webshop.

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About our Garden lamp posts & Victorian lamp posts collection.

Our main collection of lamp posts is made from durable cast iron. We have in total 233 models in different designs and measurements. We offer 6 kinds of lantern heads, 2 kinds of ladder bars and many kind of combinations of bases, centerpieces and tops. In addition to our cast iron lamp post collection we also sell wall lanterns, post lanterns, aluminum lamp posts and copper and bronze lantern heads.

Our collection of handcrafted lamp posts and lanterns are made from high quality grey cast iron. Inspired by tradition, history and sentiments from the past. Decorate your home garden or driveway with our beautiful products. Cast iron has proved itself more than hundreds of years for its stability and quality. For that reason, we craft our lamp posts only with the heaviest quality iron we can find. We have customers all over the world and ship our products to any place.

Our victorian lamp posts are used as a decorative or functional light source in small or large gardens; in parks; fields; wide terrains; streets; parking areas; private gardens but also as decorative items in restaurants; shopping malls; showrooms etc. Because of our design and manufacturing capabilities and experience, we have designed cast iron lamp posts that consist of different parts that fit on each other. A standard garden lamp post consist of the bottom part, center piece, top piece, ladder bars and lantern head. The great thing is that all these parts are interchangeable in other designs too.

Our victorian lamp posts are easy to assembly and we have designed them while keeping in mind that they have to fit in boxes for easy shipment. Our lantern heads are supplied unassembled. This saves a lot space and reduces shipping costs tremendously. Our prices are very competitive because we have our own foundry. In addition to our own collection of garden lamp posts, we can also manufacture custom designs. We can quickly turn ideas into new lamp post designs.

Within our mould making facility, we can quickly produce moulds with CNC machines for a competitive price. Adjustments are easily implemented and we know exactly how to make moulds that give great results. We offer this service to clients who buy bigger volumes of lamp posts and want to offer their clients an exclusive design.

We sell two kinds of copper lantern heads which fit on all of our poles made from cast iron or aluminum. We have round and hexagonal (4-sided) copper lantern heads. These are crafted from high grade material copper and glass. The looks of these lanterns are stunning. The height of the rounded copper lanterns are 40 cm tot 100 cm. We have 5 sizes in total. The height of our hexagonal lanterns are 60 to 90 cm. We have 4 sizes in total.